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Rename Slave Trader Hall

Peter Faneuil Sold Human Beings


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In 2018, a small group of activists in Boston initiated a movement to change the name of Faneuil Hall, an iconic Boston landmark built by Peter Faneuil.

We are pleased to announce that in October of 2023 the Boston City Council voted to change the name of Faneuil Hall. The next step relies upon Mayor Michelle Wu.

The name change movement is designed to address the issue of apology, repair, and reconciliation.  It was, and remains, a Boston Reparations Movement.  The Change the Name Effort was, and remains, a Boston Reparations project, which eventually launched the Boston People’s Reparations Commission, an intentionally developed, community-based effort focusing upon reparations in Boston.

Peter Faneuil was a slave owner and a slave trader. He was a white supremacist. His name should not be attached to a city-owned building. This is why we seek to change the name.  


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